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Jo Cosgrove

Educator/Garden manager
North East, MD
Well now. Ok. Basically raised in the garden. My BA from College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine is in Human Ecology, with a focus on Pollinator Ecology and Agriculture (though, started out studying marine biology? Go figure...) Gardened for a small family owned restaurant near the college in summers, growing specialty produce. Graduated 2009, and stumbled into a fantastic opportunity managing the BUGS (Baltimore Urban Gardening with Students) garden and greenhouse classrooms at the Living Classrooms Foundation campus in downtown Baltimore for almost 4 years.

Now I'm an outdoor educator teaching environmental science to middle schoolers who come to us from all over Maryland (about 11,000 students/year), and I have been charged with breathing new life into our "Homestead" garden/greenhouse classroom. There is potential for livestock eventually as well. Here to learn and maintain a more successful food classroom. Always.
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