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Wednesday, December 6


Agroequity: Defining a New Equity Framework in Food and Agriculture
Limited Capacity full

Given the lasting legacy of slavery and colonialism in relation to our agricultural and food systems, we seek to build upon agroecology’s holistic framework, but with an explicit focus on equity. Stone Barns Exchange Fellows are working together to define the term “agroequity,” as a means of tying together the principles of agroecology, food justice and intersectionality. These principles would put forth not just a term, but an approach to connecting movements and building coalitions across social change efforts, as they relate to vulnerable and under-resourced populations. This workshop will present the fellows' ideas on shaping “agroequity” and will engage participants in identifying existing frames, important concepts for inclusion, as well as next steps for sharing and building upon this framework within the larger food movement.

avatar for Yana Gilbuena

Yana Gilbuena

Chef, Salo
Yana Gilbuena is a 2017 Stone Barns Exchange Fellow. Yana, a Filipino-born, critically acclaimed global nomadic chef, started Salo Series to share with the world the vibrant food culture of the Philippines. The Salo Series hosts Filipino Kamayan dinners, in which food is served on communal tables decked with banana leaves, and guests are asked to eat with their hands. In her American tour, Yana hosted pop-up dinners i... Read More →
avatar for Hannah Koski

Hannah Koski

Consultant, Regional Food Systems
Hannah Koski is a 2017 Stone Barns Exchange Fellow. Hannah has more than ten years of experience in agricultural and food systems work, beginning with management of more than 200 acres of diversified farmland across the Northeast and volunteer work on farms throughout Europe, West... Read More →
avatar for Margiana Peterson-Rockney

Margiana Peterson-Rockney

Farmer/Doctoral Student, UC Berkeley
Margiana Petersen-Rockney is a 2017 Stone Barns Exchange Fellow. She grew up on a goat dairy farm in Massachusetts. While still in college, Margiana ran a five-acre diversified vegetable and livestock CSA and founded the Young Farmer Network, a community group for new farmers to share... Read More →
avatar for Shakirah Simley

Shakirah Simley

Shakirah Simley is a writer and community organizer in San Francisco. She earned her organizing chops with over a decade of working on food equity, labor and youth campaigns. The daughter of a social worker, and granddaughter of a Black Panther, she graduated with honors from the University of Pennsylvania and completed master’s at Italy’s University of Gastronomic Sciences as a Fulbright Fellow. She served as the Community Director for famed local grocer, Bi-Rite and its Family of Businesses, and in 2016, she co-founded Nourish|Resist, a multiracial collaborative using food spaces and people as tools for collective resistance. Last year, she was a prestigious Fellow for the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture. Her writing has appeared in Civil Eats, The Huffington Post, SF Chronicle, and recently published cookbook for the revolution: "Feed the Resistance". She currently serves as the executive director of community center in the Southeast sector of SF., Nourish | Resist
Shakirah Simley is a 2017 Stone Barns Exchange Fellow. Shakirah Simley was raised in Harlem, N.Y., where her limited access to fresh, healthy and affordable food was always a challenge. As a young black woman hungry for change, she decided to dedicate her professional career and... Read More →

Wednesday December 6, 2017 11:00am - 12:30pm


An Introduction to Indigenous Resurgence Through Foodways
Limited Capacity seats available

This workshop will explore the topic of Indigenous Agriculture and themes of public health through native cooking demonstrations by Nephi Craig, a White Mountan Apache/Navajo Executive Chef of Café Gozhóó on the White Mountain Apache Tribe in Whiteriver, Arizona, founder of the Native American Culinary Association and Nutritional Recovery Program Coordinator at the Rainbow Treatment Center.

avatar for Nephi Craig

Nephi Craig

Cafe Gozhoo Executive Chef, Rainbow Treatment Center
Professional Culinary Arts. Indigenous Foods & Agriculture. Heirloom Seed Saving. Social Recovery. Behavioral/Mental Health. Nutrition. Indigenous History. Decolonization. Indigenous Resurgence. Family Culinary Capacity Building. Native American Cuisine. I live and work in our ancestral... Read More →

Wednesday December 6, 2017 11:00am - 12:30pm
Kitchen Lab


Crop Rotation
Limited Capacity seats available

This practical intermediate to advanced workshop is meant to improve the quality, timing, and performance of crops and cover crops. We will cover several strategies for developing crop rotation systems in a variety of diverse farming operations, as well as discuss the role of crop rotation as it relates to resilient agricultural principles and how it positively impacts soil and plant health.

avatar for Jack Algiere

Jack Algiere

Farm Director, Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture
Jack Algiere is farm director at Stone Barns Center. Jack graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a degree in horticulture and has been actively farming since the early 1990s. His lifetime of experience in organic, biodynamic and ecological systems brings a broad diversity... Read More →

Wednesday December 6, 2017 11:00am - 12:30pm
West Haybarn


How Chefs and Farmers Can Sow the Seeds of Community
Limited Capacity seats available

The Heirloom Harvest Project's mission is to promote regional heritage foods; agricultural diversity; and the connections among farmers, chefs, and consumers in the community of Portsmouth, NH. In a decade, Heirloom Harvest Project united a community of chefs, farmers and consumers to secure biodiverse heritage foodways and ingredients. Join chef Evan Mallett for a discussion on community building through farmer-chef connections.

avatar for Evan Mallett

Evan Mallett

Chef-Owner, Black Trumpet, Heirloom Harvest Project, Ondine Oyster
Evan Mallett is the chef-owner of Black Trumpet located in the historic seacoast city of Portsmouth, NH. In 2017 he opened a new restaurant, Ondine Oyster + Wine Bar, in Belfast, ME. Mallett is a four-time James Beard semi-finalist for Best Chef, Northeast. He is actively involved and sits on the boards of Chef's Collaborative, Slow Food Seacoast, and the Heirloom Harvest Project, an initiative that brings together farmers, chefs, and educators to i... Read More →

Wednesday December 6, 2017 11:00am - 12:30pm
Main Dining Room


Marketing Cut Flowers
Limited Capacity seats available

Join three experienced flower growers and a wedding/events planner as they describe the creative ways they are marketing cut flowers off of the farm and generating a high end market for flower use.  Angela DeFelice of Rock Steady Farm and Flowers, Jenny Elliot of Tiny Hearts Farm and Shannon Algiere of Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture will pool their resources together to offer insight into generating income with flower stems as a sole production crop or from within a diversified farm operation.  Estelle Silberman, Event Manager at Stone Barns Center, will also join the conversation offering words of wisdom from her long time involvement in the flower industry. Each panel member comes from a unique farm and industry background and will therefore be covering a wide spectrum of options for making the most of your flower crop. The discussion will include wholesale, retail, CSA, events, weddings and value-added components. 

avatar for Shannon Algiere

Shannon Algiere

Farmer Educator, Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture
Shannon Algiere is farmer educator at Stone Barns Center. She was introduced to an agrarian lifestyle as a young girl, frolicking in strawberry fields and peach orchards and showing goats and rabbits at local fairs. While studying at the University of Rhode Island, Shannon worked... Read More →
avatar for Angela DeFelice

Angela DeFelice

Flower Grower and Owner, Rock Steady Farm & Flowers
Angela DeFelice has 10 years of experience growing vegetables and cut flowers on small farms, mostly in the Hudson Valley. She is inspired to build community through farming, to increase food access in her local community, and develop sustainable business models for small farms and... Read More →
avatar for Jenny Elliot

Jenny Elliot

Farmer and Florist, Tiny Hearts Farm
Jenny Elliot is the founder, farmer and florist at Tiny Hearts Farm.

Stone Barns Staff
avatar for Estelle Silberman

Estelle Silberman

Event Manager, Stone Barns Center
Estelle Silberman is events manager at Stone Barns Center. Growing up in her parents’ flower shop in Brooklyn, Estelle was imbued with a passion for color, art and growing things. After graduating from Hunter College, traveling the world and working as a freelance florist and photo... Read More →

Wednesday December 6, 2017 11:00am - 12:30pm


Mimicking Nature: Integrating Livestock into Perennial and Annual Cropping Systems
Limited Capacity seats available

Integrating livestock into cropping practices can foster profound benefits to soil health, crop quality, ease (and enjoyment) of farming, biodiversity and profitability. This practice enables the farm to more effectively mimic nature by enhancing ecosystem processes like water and mineral cycles. Additionally, substantial reductions in off-site fertility, farm labor, tractor use and fossil fuel consumption are the norm in farms that intelligently integrate livestock into their cropping practices. This presentation will give particular attention to the role of holistic design in creating successful farming practices. Questions and discussions will be encouraged during this session.

Specific topics will include:

  • Designing new and modifying existing farming systems for livestock integration
  • Grazing management in cropping systems
  • Food safety issues
  • Livestock species, class and variety considerations
  • Examples of specific practices: vegetable crops, vineyards, orchards and grains
  • Cropping/livestock planning
This workshop will be streamed live on www.facebook.com/stonebarns/

avatar for Kelly Mulville

Kelly Mulville

Paicines Ranch
The focus of Kelly’s work is to create agricultural systems that restore ecological health to landscapes and reconnect humans to the natural world.  Integrating livestock into perennial and annual cropping systems in order to better mimic nature has been the basis for his design... Read More →

Wednesday December 6, 2017 11:00am - 12:30pm
East Haybarn


On Water and Agriculture
Limited Capacity seats available

Farmers who rely on irrigation face a troubling conundrum in the 21st century: they cannot produce their crops without water extracted from rivers and aquifers, and their cumulative use of water is depleting those water sources, placing them in competition with cities and other users. In this workshop, we’ll explore the history of irrigation, water governance and rights, as well as explain why water scarcity has emerged as one of the greatest societal challenges of our time. The majority of the workshop will focus on solutions, and the role that farmers can play in implementing them. We’ll talk about what ‘sustainability’ means for water use, and explore opportunities for beginning farmers to work with other farmers, urban leaders, conservation organizations and investors to improve the water efficiency of their farms, earn supplemental revenues by ‘growing water’ and assure their water security in a dynamically changing world. 

avatar for Brian Richter

Brian Richter

President, Sustainable Waters
How to use water in the most profitable and ecologically sustainable manner possible

Wednesday December 6, 2017 11:00am - 12:30pm


Regenerative Agriculture & Decision Making
Limited Capacity seats available

Decisions are the heart of agriculture. A farm enterprise’s success depends on the small and large decisions made every day. There are many beneficial results that come from refining one's decision making process: to the farmer, the farm and the food system as a whole. In this participatory workshop, you will explore three major types of decisions (strategic, tactical and technical) and four levels of agriculture, from extractive to regenerative. You will have the opportunity to review your current decision making process and upgrade it by practicing with real decisions facing you and your farm. This workshop is for anyone engaged with an agricultural enterprise that wants to: 1) increase profits; 2) make decisions confidently; and 3) achieve long-term goals.

avatar for Ethan Roland Soloviev

Ethan Roland Soloviev

Farmer, HowGood & High Falls Farm
Ethan Roland Soloviev is the VP of Research at HowGood, Inc and farmer at High Falls Farm. He and his family farm a diversified 32 acres in New York, producing apples, sheep, mushrooms, eggs, and specialty crops. Ethan is the author of Regenerative Agriculture Redefined and the Levels of Regenerative Agriculture.   Over the last 12 years designing and establishing... Read More →

Wednesday December 6, 2017 11:00am - 12:30pm


Stone Barns Center Tour
Limited Capacity seats available

Join us for a behind-the-scenes view of Stone Barns Center. We’ll explore the farm while discussing our diverse work to build a healthy and sustainable food system.

Stone Barns Staff

Daniel Bartush

Daniel Bartush is greenhouse fellow at Stone Barns Center. Prior to this position, he worked at Blue Hill at Stone Barns for almost five years as a line cook, sous chef and most recently as market forager. Growing up in a small town in Texas, Daniel spent almost all of his time outdoors... Read More →

Wednesday December 6, 2017 11:00am - 12:30pm


wast(ED) on the Farm and in the Kitchen
Limited Capacity filling up

wastED's menu takes root in the overlooked byproducts of our food system, drawing ingredients from Blue Hill's community of farmers, fishermen, distributors, processors, plant breeders, producers and retailers. Blue Hill Culinary Director Adam Kaye, Blue Hill Market Forager Andrew Luzmore and Stone Barns Center's Field Manager Jason Grauer will demonstrate "classic" wastED dishes and highlight the economic benefits of featuring underappreciated and underutilized ingredients in the kitchen.

avatar for Jason Grauer

Jason Grauer

Crop Production and Farm Consulting Manager, Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture
Jason Grauer is crop production manager at Stone Barns Center. With a degree in economics from Tufts University, Jason spent the early part of his career in the financial industry. A year spent volunteering at Stone Barns confirmed his desire to farm full time, and he spent two seasons... Read More →
avatar for Adam Kaye

Adam Kaye

Chef, Kitchen Director, Blue Hill at Stone Barns
Adam Kaye joined Blue Hill in October 2000, initially as the meat cook, and eventually worked his way up to Chef/Kitchen Director. Adam has cooked professionally for the past nine years, moving through the kitchens of Vidalia in Washington, DC; La Panetiere in Rye, NY, and Chantarelle in Manhattan. He has also... Read More →
avatar for Andrew Luzmore

Andrew Luzmore

Market Forager, Blue Hill at Stone Barns
Andrew Luzmore is the Market Forager at Blue Hill at Stone Barns.

Wednesday December 6, 2017 11:00am - 12:30pm
Meet in Silo Lobby